Monday, August 12, 2013

Making Corn Hole Boards and Shenahdoah Valley Quilt Guild Challenge.

Rebecca and Grandaddy made a set of corn hole boards together for Abe's (Rebecca's boyfriend) birthday present. 
When it came to putting the decals on it was a three person job.

 The Shenandoah Quilt Guild has challenged its members to make a small Russian quilt.  My mind went to the stacking Russian dolls.

This is the design I will try to make.

I am to use this Russian fabric some where in the quilt.   

 A new sewing project in progress.

Chain stitching the triangles and ice-cream cone shapes together.

 The triangle unit.
I am deciding what border to use.  I sewed on this border and it looked to busy.  So I got out my seam ripper and put it to work taking off all four borders.

 I did leave the gray border on.  I like this much better. The binding will be blue instead of green.

 Went to the Dayton Farmers Market to eat with my friend Donna, her daughter Betsy, Mother and Autumn.  We had a delightful time together.  It was so good to be with you again Donna and to meet Betsy.

 Mother and Melissa came and worked corn with me one day.  It was fun to hear mother tell stories of when she was a young girl.

Mother sharpened my knives while she was here.
Mother also came another day and helped me with corn and one day to work peaches.  At 88 she was just pretty zippy .