Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Family Sewing Retreat

 This years sewing retreat was in Corolla, NC.  All 7 of us girls were there with our mother.  We sure missed our only sister-in-law Cheryl.
 Back Row: Sheila - Emily - Julia - Polly - Barbara
Front Row: June - Mother - Coleen

 10 of the nieces joined us. Hannah pieced a t-shirt quilt.

 Niece Jillian worked on velvet Christmas stockings.

 Daughter Autumn pieced a denim quilt.

 Daughter-in-law Melissa pieced her first quilt top.

Daughter Rebecca with her finished quilt.

 Sister Polly worked on many projects.

Sister Julia pieced a quilt of our Father's shirts. Notice how the values in the different shirts plays an important part of the design.

 Four generations were at this years retreat.  Afton pieced two quilts and quilted one.
 Mother - June - Jolene - Afton

Afton really got into the quilting spirit.

Sister Coleen finished her first quilt.

 Sister Emily teaching her granddaughter how to sew. She steers while her granddaughter pushes the pedal.

 Sister Polly piecing another bright quilt.

 Here is evidence that we did make it to the beach.

 One of the quilts I pieced uses the block that will be featured in my upcoming book, "Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars".

I worked on two baby quilts for my grandchildren.
  A penguin quilt.....

and an elephant quilt.  Each quilt will get a named appliqued on them when the babies are born.
 I am already looking forward to next years sewing retreat!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Quilting -- Down By the River

Barbara Cline
Julia Graber

are going to their home place along the banks of North River in Bridgewater, VA.
Won’t you join them for fiber art and quilting? You will enjoy gorgeous scenery, food, fun and fellowship.

Quilting -- Down By the River
3063 Hill Gap Road, Bridgewater, VA 22812



Barbara Cline
Bridgewater, VA

Cell 540-383-5496

Julia Graber
Brooksville, MS

Home 662-738-5666
Cell 662-788-1927

About Barbara
Barbara is a quilt designer, author and teacher who loves to share her techniques with others. Barbara started creating quilts in her teens. She has over 31 years of experience in quilting and teaching classes. Her whole family has shared a passion and reverence for the tradition of quilt making through the generations. She has 3 books published by C&T Publishing and is in the process of having her forth book released.

Twirling Swirling Dance - 48” x 48”
In this class you will learn how simple it is to piece in a lone star block layout. Strip piecing and cutting diamonds are a few techniques you will learn in this class. Step out of your box and learn how easy it is to create an inset seam. This all day class will have you well on your way to a finished project.

The Elegance of Overlapping Diamonds
18” x 62”

Learn to make the one block which will be featured in Barbara’s new book Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars. This triangle block is easy to sew, but can transform using countless intricate designs when you experiment with color and value. Stunning triangle-star quilts are perfect for adventurous beginners looking to try something new or intermediate quilters who’d like to put their skills to use in a creative way. This table runner class features how to work with a triangle block layout and an “easy way” method for template cutting.

About Julia
Julia loves the challenge of taking an image, whether from a photograph, nature, or in her mind, and creating it with fabric and thread. Her work is representational and often minimizes detail. Julia enjoys and appreciates art quilts with a new twist to the old and traditional.
Julia is encouraged when viewers study her work and discover with delight that it is not just another quilt but an expressive and compelling piece of fiber art.

Lily – 9” x 12”
During this workshop, students will learn how to fuse fabric patches to a background grid. After the background is quilted, a modified version of the silhouette lily pattern will be appliqu├ęd to the top and finished with quilting. Kits are available for $25.00

The Lone Pine – 9” x 12”
This workshop walks students through the steps of improvisational cutting, piecing, and linear quilting small quilts. Varying hues give the quilt depth. Fast students can finish this project in class.


Pick and choose your dates and classes to suit your schedule.

Receive a 20% discount by taking all four classes. You will spend half the time piecing and learning color with Barbara and half the time exploring fiber art and design with Julia.

Lunch is included with the workshops.

Mail payment by May 30, 2015 to
Barbara Cline
6234 Gardner Lane
Bridgewater, VA 22812

Home phone
Cell phone
E-mail address

Friday, June 5, 9:00-3:00
*Twirling Swirling Dance by Barbara - $65.00
*Lily by Julia - $65.00

Lecture/Trunk Show, 7:00pm by Julia and Barbara - $10.00

Saturday, June 6, 9:00-3:00 
*The Elegance of Overlapping Diamonds by Barbara - $65.00
*The Lone Pine by Julia - $65.00

Friday, June 12, 9:00-3:00
*The Elegance of Overlapping Diamonds by Barbara - $65.00
*The Lone Pine by Julia - $65.00

Saturday, June 13, 9:00-3:00
*Twirling Swirling Dance by Barbara - $65.00
*Lily by Julia Graber - $65.00

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Barn Quilt Blocks

Simple Quilt made from scraps.
I dug in  my red and blue 5 1/2" square scraps. From each square I cut a triangle off diagonal corners.

Then I sewed a 1" strip into the square.

Here are some options of different quilt layouts with this block.

 Large red and blue squares               All red squares                               All blue squares

 Every other red and blue squares
I think this is the option I will go with.

I spent one day sewing at a fund raiser for Relay For Life 
 at Patchwork Plus.

Sister-in-law Pam gave each of us gals a basket kit at Christmas.  Here we are starting our baskets by putting the spokes in the base.

Our finished product is a basket to serve veggies in.  Thanks Pam for a special gift and a special day.

Breakfast out with three of my children

Autumn making a baby quilt for a friend.

Sue sent me a picture of Star Shuffle quilt she made at a retreat.  Way to go Sue. It is always fun to see my patterns made into quilts.

Mother is showing me her sleeping apparatus that keeps her mouth closed while she sleeps.  It keeps her from getting a dry mouth.  She is quite the inventor.

Can you guess what I am doing?

Painting barn quilt blocks.  Here is the first painting of blue.  

This block has been painted blue, then taped and painted with red paint. It will get two more coats of red paint.

The three barn blocks on the left are done.  The large 4 x 4 still gets another color.

These two blocks are done in opposite color. 

4 x 4 Star Tricks barn block finished!

Here is my carpenters wheel barn block 
on our old turkey house.  It looks so small but it is a 4'x4'.