Sunday, January 5, 2014

December Happenings

As a Quilter...
Starting on a log cabin quilt.
Piecing, piecing and more piecing.

Mother working on a sewing circle quilt.  Notice her little diagram  she is following for her pattern.

Ready to quilt a personalized quilt for a class at Patchwork Plus. 

What is this big celebration supper about?

Rebecca graduated from James Madison University as a nurse.
Displaying DSC06762.JPG 

This picture is from her pinning ceremony.
Rebecca and Abe

Autumn making Christmas cookies.

Autumn acting like a WHO from Whoville.
Photo: My sis...Autumn Lou Hoo @autumntawtm

My little clan.

Going out for breakfast.

Enjoying each other around the fire.

We spent a good part of Christmas day playing progressive rook. 

While everyone played rook I watched the grands.

Enjoying every minute being a Grandma.

Autumn made coasters to match cups for
 some special hand made gifts.

Rebecca made Lattes for the employes at 
Patchwork Plus.  Such a treat.