Tutorial of Diamond Chains

How to make a diamond chain in a square block.
 From the diamond fabric cut one strip 1 3/4" x width of fabric and from the background fabric cut two strips 2" x width of fabric.  The diamond chain is the center strip and the outside strips are the backgroundSew the diamond fabric between the background fabric. Press toward center.

  Cut five 1 3/4" sections at a 45 degree angle as shown.

Sew sections together to make a diamond chain. 
 Match and pin each seam.

To each end of diamond strip sew a 2" x 3" background.

On each side of the diamond chain trim 1/4" from diamond sides.

Trim each end of the diamond chain 1/4" from the tips of the diamonds.  Trim at a 90 degree angle.

This is a diamond strip that can be placed between
 two triangle units to make a square.

Diamond strip placed between two pieced triangle units. 

This block is used in the quilt "Delightful Diamond Chain" 
that is on the front of my book Star Struck Quilts.

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