Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Free Quilt Pattern

Free Quilt Pattern for a week.
I am offering this new pattern .
Here is how you get the pattern.  Click on the tab above Twirling Swirling Dance then copy and paste
 it to your own document and then print.  Please email me a picture of your finished Twirling Swirling Dance.  ENJOY! tbcline7@gmail.com


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  2. Can you please tell me which of your books has this pattern? I would really like to get it. Thanks Jayne X

  3. Would love to have this pattern!

  4. Please tell me how I can buy this pattern. My husband has declared it is the next quilt he will make (his 5th in a year)...😁

  5. Would love to have this pattern. Can you tell me how I can purchase it. Thank you

  6. I would also love to have this pattern. The LOne Star is a favorite of mine for many years. I really love this one.

    Betty J. Ray

    1. I found the pattern by clicking on the FREE PATTERNS tab at the top of this page and then scrolling down. It is the second pattern down on the page.