Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sewing Retreat - Friends - Fun

 I am starting a new quilt.  First I will make many triangle units?

I am learning a new art.  Autumn and I are taking pottery classes at Blue Ridge Community College.
Photo: Autumn and I at pottery class.  We have had so much fun.

A few ladies came to my house for a quilting day.
What a fun time we had together!

Bonnie working on the Star Tricks pattern.

My sisters and our dear Mother at sewing retreat.  The next few pictures are a glimpse into our sewing retreat.
 Photo: Here I am with my mother and scissors...oops!  I mean sisters.

Mother with her Grandmothers Flower Garden.

Amy worked on Spinning Pinwheels.

A few of the nieces join us which always adds spice to the party.

Painting was also a part of the retreat.

Ironing, hand work, writing and resting all make a wonderful atmosphere.

Julia and Polly finished up their mystery
 quilts with Bonnie Hunter.

Rebecca worked on her quilt from Jan Krentz's book.

Autumns projects she designed and worked on.

Julia creating “Fiesta Fireworks” for a quilt contest.
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Sheila and Hannah (Mother - Daughter)
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Some of the quilts we finished.
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Polly made this quilt for her granddaughter.
 After 10 days our fun came to an end and we had to pack up and leave, but we have plans for another family sewing retreat.