Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Buther Day, Thanksgiving and Quilts

I am working on a new quilt.  The fabrics are Jinny Beyer's collections from RJR Fabrics.

 I made many triangle units from all the different colors.

 I placed these units in rows and sewed them into strips.  Now I am ready to sew the strips togehter. 

I pieced and appliqued this quilt for
 Patchwork Plus for a floor model.

 Quilting circles.

This is my Desert Rose class  at Patchwork Plus. It is always fun to see the different color combinations students pick. 

 These are fabric bowls I made by wrapping clothesline cord with strips of  fabric.  I sewed the cords together by using a zigzag and
 shaped the bowl as I sewed. Here is a tutorial at Clothesline fabric bowl tutorial.

The ladies on Terry's side of the family all go Christmas shopping together every year.  We always go out to eat when we are done shopping, which is usually around 2:00am.  This year we finished at midnight, which is later than usual
. It always impresses me how spunky Mom is on this excursion.

 Sandra enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate.

 I love setting around the fire with my family and drinking coffee.  Sometimes we treat ourselves to chocolate.

 This year my birthday was on Thanksgiving which was great because my family spent the day at home.  Another plus was Rebecca made most of the meal, I was just her gofer. She did the turkey and the works.  Parla we missed your family.
 Butcher Day at Uncle Joes.

Dad stirring the pudding meat.  It is a big day but so nice to go to the freezer and pull out some meat or grab some canned sausage or cubed pork off the canning shelves.

 Autumn and I had a party for the Patchwork Plus ladies.

Autumn carved this swan by watching a tutorial on Pinterest. Here is the link

I thought she did a pretty good job and she said it was pretty easy.

 Mother came to our house this week and worked on her "Grandmothers Flower Garden" quilt while the girls and I worked in the kitchen making treats.  We pulled the rocking chair out in the kitchen so she would be comfortable.