Monday, September 19, 2016

The Quilt Show

I am so excited to share with my friends a link to The Quilt Show that I am on.  It will only be free from September 18-?????.  Click on the link below.

Here are some shots of the day they were here.

 They had two cameras running for 4 1/2 hours to
 get this 14 minute segment.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Quilt Extravaganza

This past weekend my Mother, sisters and sister-in-law
 gathered for a mini sewing retreat. The purpose of our get-together was each one of the girls were to make their rendition of a pattern for my 5th book.

 We all gathered in Mothers home where we grew up as children.

 Our sister Emily who lives in Texas was the only one of us 8 Children who did not get to make it to our quilting weekend. She texted a picture of her working on her quilt.

 Our one and only brother slipped in and
 visited us along with his granddaughter.

 Mother worked on piecing a doll quilt. I think that is pretty good for a 91 year young lady.

 My son Christian dropped in for Sunday lunch.

 My sister Polly and I.

Cheryl's finished quilt top.

Julia and Coleen working diligently.

Julia's quilt "Twirling Birds". She will be entering this quilt in some quilt contests.

Mother made these blocks at our family sewing retreat in Feburary.  This quilt is one of the inspirations that made my mind start churning for this new quilt book.  Can you figure out the them of the book?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Family Trip

Yayyyy! We made it to Canada! 29 hours later. 

Our van load of family heading to Canada.

While we were there part of the gang went on a 3 day canoe trip.

The Moms and I stayed back at the house and had a fun time with the children.

 Asher looking intently into my eyes.

 Never a dull moment with Brighton.

Rowen learned to back down the steps.  Jack was a great teacher.

One day my girls and I took the little ones on a stroll to see where Dave was building a house.
The men helped Dave set in some windows.

On the trip home Laban and Benjamin enjoy some sardines while Autumn looks on with disgust.
 A Chuck Wagon Supper

My sister Polly and husband Mark came down from Delaware to join us for the chuck wagon supper.

During the course of the evening it started to rain so we moved onto the porch where we had our dessert .

Life as a Quilter
Another event I attended this month was Mid-Appalachian Quilters Inc. I was privileged to teach some classes.

 Three days of classes taught by 25 different quilt teachers. If you have a chance to go I would highly recommend it. Fun, fun, fun!

A one day class.

This was our church's sewing day.  We knotted comforters for the flood victims in West Virginia.

My Quilting Schedule has been updated with new classes. Locally I will be at Patchwork Plus and Sew Classic Fabrics in the Harrisonburg area.  Also check out other places I will be teaching nationally in the future.

Monday, June 27, 2016