Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Book Giveaway For Diamond Chain Quilts

Quilty Pleasures Blog is giving away my book Diamond Chain Quilts.  Slip on over to their blog to see if you can win.

I just finished sewing binding on my box quilt.

My latest adventure is an HQ Sweet 16 long arm sewing machine.  I am so excited about quilting on it.  The sample below is a small snap shot into this fun machine.

The young adults and youth group from church helped one evening to wrap towels for relief kits for Mennonite Central Committee.

Two towels will go into a bucket along with a tooth brush, tooth past, a wash cloth and other supplies which will be sent to

I spent one day last week teaching
 my class "Chinese Checkers" close to
 Charlottesville, VA. 15 ladies took the class.

Chinese Checkers Quilt

My nephew's wedding was on Saturday.  
 Adam and Megan Hostetler.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quilt Classes and More

As a Quilter
This weekend I went to Blue Ride Ga to give a lecture on "Designing Inside of Different Block Layouts" and to teach the quilt class Daisy table runner.

Explaining the overlays.

These ladies are drawing daises on double sided
 fusible web for appliqueing later.

 Janet was my wonderful host.  Thanks Jerry
 and Janet for a wonderful time.

 While waiting for my flight at the airport I about froze.
  I realized I had one of my quilts in my carry on suit 
case so I covered up with it.

As a Mom
Here are a few products of our pottery class that 
Autumn and I took the last 8 weeks.

Uncle Joe from Montana is in so we had the Cline family over.  The best part of a meal is listening to stories around the 
table while drinking coffee and eating candy.

 A fun day out with some Patchwork Plus gals.
Darlene, Shirley, Linda and Katie.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sewing Retreat - Friends - Fun

 I am starting a new quilt.  First I will make many triangle units?

I am learning a new art.  Autumn and I are taking pottery classes at Blue Ridge Community College.
Photo: Autumn and I at pottery class.  We have had so much fun.

A few ladies came to my house for a quilting day.
What a fun time we had together!

Bonnie working on the Star Tricks pattern.

My sisters and our dear Mother at sewing retreat.  The next few pictures are a glimpse into our sewing retreat.
 Photo: Here I am with my mother and scissors...oops!  I mean sisters.

Mother with her Grandmothers Flower Garden.

Amy worked on Spinning Pinwheels.

A few of the nieces join us which always adds spice to the party.

Painting was also a part of the retreat.

Ironing, hand work, writing and resting all make a wonderful atmosphere.

Julia and Polly finished up their mystery
 quilts with Bonnie Hunter.

Rebecca worked on her quilt from Jan Krentz's book.

Autumns projects she designed and worked on.

Julia creating “Fiesta Fireworks” for a quilt contest.
Displaying IMG_20140207_203627326.jpg

Sheila and Hannah (Mother - Daughter)
Displaying IMG_20140204_195253388.jpg

Some of the quilts we finished.
Displaying IMG_20140204_170315713.jpg

Polly made this quilt for her granddaughter.
 After 10 days our fun came to an end and we had to pack up and leave, but we have plans for another family sewing retreat.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

December Happenings

As a Quilter...
Starting on a log cabin quilt.
Piecing, piecing and more piecing.

Mother working on a sewing circle quilt.  Notice her little diagram  she is following for her pattern.

Ready to quilt a personalized quilt for a class at Patchwork Plus. 

What is this big celebration supper about?

Rebecca graduated from James Madison University as a nurse.
Displaying DSC06762.JPG 

This picture is from her pinning ceremony.
Rebecca and Abe

Autumn making Christmas cookies.

Autumn acting like a WHO from Whoville.
Photo: My sis...Autumn Lou Hoo @autumntawtm

My little clan.

Going out for breakfast.

Enjoying each other around the fire.

We spent a good part of Christmas day playing progressive rook. 

While everyone played rook I watched the grands.

Enjoying every minute being a Grandma.

Autumn made coasters to match cups for
 some special hand made gifts.

Rebecca made Lattes for the employes at 
Patchwork Plus.  Such a treat.