Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer Activities Begin

I always need a project to take to mothers when I spend one day a week with her.  This day I basted a quilt together.  Our oldest daughter Parla pieced this before she had 4 children.  
She asked me to quilt it.  The quilt will be 
sold at the Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale in October.

 Mother and I work one day a week at the Gift and Thrift store.  Our job is to measure fabric and price it.

 I just love when my grandchildren come to see me.

 Trip To Canada
It took 4 of us to create a wooden loader. A cool toy from Lowes assembled with hammer and nails.  They all loved it.

 Brighton and Asher wanted to sew something while I was in Canada.  Brighton made a small quilt and Asher made a turtle.  I was so impressed with how they stuck to the embroidery work and the precision they used.

 "Please don't sew over your fingers."
  Yes, I was nervous a few times.

 Brighton's finished quilt.

 Asher named his turtle Wertle the Turtle.

 One day we went fishing and swimming on Red Lake.

 Keeping cool.

 A great play tent.

 While I played with the children Terry worked hard helping Dave (Parla's husband) frame a house for them.

 Building things is such a big part of the children's lives.

This little one is a spit fire and so sweet.
   The older ones just adore her.

Sunday afternoon we went to a pond where the 
children caught frogs and tadpoles.

By the time we left Canada the house was under roof.

Now I am back home and need to get to work.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Bathroom Makeover

My sister June and I remodeled my bathroom while Terry
 was gone for 9 days.  We worked long and hard days.

Here are a few before pictures.

 The cabinet was built so well, that it had
 to come out piece by piece.

 We took the wall out down to the studs. 
Then we put in the insulation.
I call in plumbers for installing the new plumbing.

My niece Jennifer came and helped 2 days. 
Brea was our mud mixer. 

Here I am screwing the hardibacker board to the studs.

 One afternoon we had a thunder shower; but that didn't stop us.

 Some more tile work.

Mother and sister Sheila brought us a party one afternoon.

We are just finishing up laying the floor.

 By the time Terry came home we were not completely done.
The shower doors were not installed.

 June was the brains behind the remodeling.  She knew how
 to do electric, hook up the plumbing to the sink, take out the
 toilet and put it back in. By the way, she was a motorcycle mechanic when she was in her 20s.  

So what was Terry's response when he came home? He was glad all the work was done even though he had to finish up some details. 
During the week turkeys still needed to be checked and mowing needed to be done twice.   I am tired and ready to rest.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Quilt! Quilt! Quilt!

 This past weekend some of my friends and I enjoyed
 a two day sewing frenzy.

 This is the quilt I worked on. It is ready to be quilted.

Many little scrap pieces make up the rooster. 
 Steam a Seam 2 was my big buddy.  It will be sold at the Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale the first Saturday in October.

Scrappy Pinwheels is a new e-pattern.  You can order it
 and receive it within 24 hours. Go to
 Delightful Piecing and scroll down to about the bottom of the page.  It is a $4.00 e-pattern.

There are no "Y" seams and you only need to piece 
one triangle that has two pieces. Amazingly Simple!

I am using up more scraps.
I have a big box of 2 1/4" squares of fabric.  It is 
organized by stacks of color.

To get the quilt above I pieced 25 squares of a color 
shading from light to dark from corner to corner.  Then appliqued grey pedals on each block, then sewed the blocks together.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quilt Cruise to Alaska

  2018 Alaska Quilt Cruise - including Glacier Bay
 Cruising Alaska at the best part of the Alaskan Season
August 4-11, 2018
With Allison Aller, Patt Blair, Barbara Cline, Sujata Shah, Bonnie Sullivan 
Supporting Leukemia Research
The workshop information is here World of Quilts Travel
Here are the classes I will be teaching:

 Under the Sea one day workshop

Just a Square one day workshop 

Magic Add-A-Strip Triangles
Choose from 1 of 4 
 one day workshop
  I hope you will join us
 for a wonderful cruise!