Saturday, May 23, 2015

Christmas Quilt Pattern

This Christmas Table runner is featured in my new book Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars, 
which will be released in August.

I will be teaching this class June 6 or June 12 in Bridgewater, VA.  
For more information check out Quilting By The River 

BOOK RELEASE IN AUGUST.  All the quilts in this book Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars are made from one simple block.

Cubes and Stars

Large stars and small star

 Graduating background colors
• 1 easy-to-sew block makes 8 stunning projects
• Change the fabric placement for unique designs
• Color in a provided line drawing to design your own triangle-star quilts

Thursday, May 14, 2015

 As A Quilter
This week I will start quilting a wall quilt. 
 Does anyone have a name for the quilt?

 The triangle block which is used in the above quilt is the same block used in "Surprise Package".  This quilt will be in my new book Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars which will be released in August.

The quilt is safety pinned and ready to machine quilt.

This weekend I went to North Carolina and Tennessee to teach and lecture.  I was thrilled to meet two ladies in different states that made my Star Shuffle quilt pattern. This is Mary.

This is Lucy with her Star Shuffle quilt.

This is an old Farmer's Delight quilt which was
 purchased at a local auction.

Here is my Grandmother's Farmer's Delight
with only one ring of triangles.

 My rendition of Farmer's Delight.

Life on the Farm
 Mother and I were ordering our food at Chick-fil-A when we ran into Deb, a friend of mine, from Patchwork Plus.  We invited her to join us for lunch.  Thanks Deb for a wonderful visit.

 Here is my mother with her cousin Shelly and his wife Evie.  The picture is a oil painting mother painted for them years ago.  Listening to them reminisce was so interesting and entertaining.

 This was a surprise bridal shower
Patchwork Plus had for Autumn.  She was so surprised.  They have been a blessing to her.

Autumn found a bee hive on our fence post.

 We had an experienced bee keeper come and
 transport the bees to his home. It was interesting to watch how he got the bees in the box.  When the queen bee and most of the bees were in the box the lid was placed on top.  In about 30 minutes the rest of the bees were in the box.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Trip to Canada

I spent last week in Red Lake Ontario with my daughter Parla and her family. Here are a few picture of my week.

 Dave is so gentle and sweet with the children.

Here I am deciding what fabrics to use for the borders in Jacks quilt.  Notice the dark gray in the sashing.  In a later picture you can see I removed it from the quilt.

Appliqueing Jack Boone's name on the quilt. 
 Parla picked the cool fonts. 

Asher is a happy go lucky little guy.

Brighton is Moms big helper.

The finished quilt with sweet little Jack Boone.

With the three little ones Parla still finds time to crochet. 

These are some of the adorable toys she has made.

Thanks Parla, Dave, Brighton, Asher and Jack for a wonderful week.  I miss you all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Parties, parties and more parties.

 Lori (friend) gave us a tour of her old house she and her husband remodeled. At the end of our
 tour she had a wonderful party for us.
 For lunch Mother treated us to Clementines. 
The pounds keep jumping on.

 Last weekend Terry and I spent the weekend with the Sensenig family.  Here we are having an "engagement party" for Autumn and Laban. :)

 This past weekend my siblings and I celebrated mothers 90th birthday with a open-house birthday party.

. We collected some of mothers painting....

 and had them on displayed along with.....

 some of her china painting.

 Another get-to-gather this weekend was the Rlaph/Vera Heatwole reunion. Here are some of my aunts looking at old pictures.

Many cousins reconnected and....

...had fun together as well as making memories.
As a Quilter 
I just finished this baby quilt from scraps in my stash.  It is quilted with circles of all sizes. 

I am in the process of quilting circles on a star quilt.
Mark your calendars for the "Quilting Down By The River" retreat in June.