Monday, October 19, 2015

Trip Out West

Terry and I flew out West for a trip.  When we landed in LasVegas we rented this little bright yellow Spark for our travels. It was very small but served us well.

Here are some of the places we went. 
 Antelope Canyon. So unique and different than anything I have ever saw.

 Zion National Park. 
 We hiked The Narrows for an hour.

My man and I.

  Angels Landing in Zion National Park.  Notice the sides of the trail, are straight down and I mean waaaaaay down.

 If I look a little frightened it is because
 I really don't want to fall.

 The Grand Canyon was the purpose of our trip.  Terry and a friend hiked the canyon from rim to rim in one day. Ann, my good friend and I had a leisure breakfast then drove around to the south side of the canyon to pick up our husbands. We hiked down in the canyon to meet them.

 This was in a mall in LasVegas.  There were hundreds of old sewing machines in this store's window front.  SO COOL. So sad, the store sold clothing, not fabric. :(

 It was so much fun spending a morning with grandchild Rowen.

As a Quilter
 A new and modern quilt that I made with my one triangle block. This block is featured in my book Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars.

A Student's "Blazing Star" project completed.

 Another student's "Twirling Swirling Dance" finished.
Way to go girls!