Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quilt Classes and More

As a Quilter
This weekend I went to Blue Ride Ga to give a lecture on "Designing Inside of Different Block Layouts" and to teach the quilt class Daisy table runner.

Explaining the overlays.

These ladies are drawing daises on double sided
 fusible web for appliqueing later.

 Janet was my wonderful host.  Thanks Jerry
 and Janet for a wonderful time.

 While waiting for my flight at the airport I about froze.
  I realized I had one of my quilts in my carry on suit 
case so I covered up with it.

As a Mom
Here are a few products of our pottery class that 
Autumn and I took the last 8 weeks.

Uncle Joe from Montana is in so we had the Cline family over.  The best part of a meal is listening to stories around the 
table while drinking coffee and eating candy.

 A fun day out with some Patchwork Plus gals.
Darlene, Shirley, Linda and Katie.