Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Butcher Day and Quilt Projects

On December 31 we butchered two hogs with Uncle Joe's and Dad's. A couple neighbors came in and gave us a helping hand. 

Here are some of the steps of our butcher day.  
We are working on getting the fat out of the meat and cutting it into strips ready for the meat grinder.

 Now it is time to cut out the choice meat for canning.

  After the sausage is seasoned it is run through the grinder.

 Grinding the sausage a second time.

 Cooking the bones, hearts, livers, tongues and
 sweet breads for pudding meat.

 Mom is starting to package the sausage.  We first wrap the meat in clear wrap then in freezer paper. The clear wrap is an extra step we do to keep the meat sealed better for longer lasting freezer life.

 And now for the ribs, roasts, back bones and tender loins.

 This kettle is full of hog fat which is being cooked down....

 and put into lard tanks.

 After straining the lard the cracklings are dumped out.

 I am cranking the sausage stuffer while 
Uncle Joe is filling pint jars with sausage.

 Now the sausage is being stuffed into 
casing which will later be smoked.

 Here we are getting the bones out of the cooked
meat, getting it ready for the meat grinder.

The cooked meat is strained and the broth is ready to make ponhoss.

A little pudding meat, flour, cornmeal and seasonings are added to
 the broth to make the ponhoss.

 Ponhoss cooling.
Now for the next year we get to enjoy our pork. As a matter of fact we
 did a pork roast for lunch and had friends in to enjoy it.

Life as a Quilter
Here is a barn quilt block I painted for my sister-in-law.
The last few weeks I have been machine quilting on this quilt.



  1. This is like a documentary on butchering a hog. It looks interesting but like so very much work. I'm sure it was a fun day for you.

  2. Oh yum, brings back memories. It looks like you all are really set up for the process which makes a huge difference.

  3. You have a fabulous setup for butchering! Long day of hard work for you, but many hands make lighter work for everyone. Thanks for sharing the process with us!!

  4. thank you for showing us your life as a butcher. looks like an awful lot of work. bet you could use some youngings there to help.

  5. Thank you for sharing part of your life, you and your family are so lucky to have such a wonderful bond, it no doubt makes the hard times easier. I love the barn quilt block, when I have my own shed/barn, I will have to make myself one, unless you want to come to Australia and make one for me??? Take care. Guida

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