Tuesday, June 21, 2011


One of my highlights of the week is drinking coffee with mother. 

I just love this picture of daddy (Josh) listening to Keyona's (daughter) secrets.

What are Holly and Rebecca up to....

they have made Moroccan couscous and seven vegetable chicken tagine, and Indian chicken saag and curried cauliflower.

Our guests for this delicious food were Benjamin, Andy, Pedro.....


Shadrick, Misty, and Grant.

Around 8:45 the evening primroses started to open.

Then the sphinx moths flew in.  These moths look like humming birds, they are just a little smaller and they have a 3 inch needle on them to suck the nectar from the flowers.
  Fascinating to watch.

When I was dropping off my van to be worked on, I ran into Edith Shank, who was waiting for her car to get inspected.  I invited her to join me for coffee at mothers.  It was fun listening to them reminisce.

By the time our coffee party ended, we were joined by Linda Tice, Holly, and Sheri.

Mother thanks for a delightful morning.

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