Thursday, August 18, 2011


  The last 10 days were spent in Canada to see my daughter Parla and Dave.  We left Virigina with Gabriel Barnhart, Rebecca (daughter) , Autumn (daughter) and myself.

Garbriels (my nephew) turn to drive.

Autumn reading to make the time fly.

When we arrived in Red Lake we had a supper invitation waiting for us.  It was to Matt and Dianna's who live on a small island.

 We meet Matt in his motor boat at a dock and he picked us up and took us across the lake.

  They own the island and are the only ones who live on it.  No running water, but they do have electricity because they have solar panels. It was so quaint. We had a wonderful supper and a very special evening and a wonderful time together .

Playing cards one evening.

We went to a baby shower for Parla one afternoon.

What in the world are these gals doing?

We are getting ready for a three day canoe trip.

Dustin Graber (the girls first cousin) who is in Dryden Canada joined us for the trip. Gabriel (the other cousin) also went.

Parla and Dave going strong.

One day there was a breeze and we took advantage of it by putting up sails.  It was quite welcome after rowing for 1 1/2 days.

Time to eat.  Parla planned all the meals and did a fantastic job.

Rebecca weaving a basket from bark strips.  It was so cute when she got done.

Autumn and Dusting being creative by playing connect 4 from rocks and wood chips.

Watching the sunset.

What pretty sight we saw along the way.

Autumn trying her had out with the kayak.

Time to portage.

Back safe and sound.

Thanks Parla and Dave for a wonderful time.  It all ended so fast.

On the way home we stopped for ice cream.
This was such a fun trip.  The sad thing about it was Terry wasn't there with us to join in on all the fun.  For more pictures about the canoe trip go to Dutins site.