Thursday, December 1, 2011

Butchering/Thanksgiving at Pam and Jeffs

 Starting to cut up half a hog.

 Separating the meat from the fat.

 Making sure the pon haus is thick enough.

 Straining the lard.

 Sausage links ready to be smoked, ham ready to be cured and more sausage ready to be packaged and put in freezer.

 Canned meat ready to serve for "spur of the moment" company.  Come on over.   
 The Cline family gathering at Pam and Jeff's for Thanksgiving.

 There were three tables so everyone could set down at one time.

 Mom and her fancy card shuffler.  It really is a neat gadget.

 We ladies are enjoying a game of golf.  Thanks Pam and Jeff for opening your home to the Cline family.

 Pizza party at Micah and Krista's.

Benjamin and Micah seeing who can make the most exotic tower.


  1. So who get's the other half of a hog? Your canned meat looks so yummy and I know of a certainty that it is good. I'd like to see Mom Clines card shuffler work. I think table games are so fun.

  2. The Cline clan had a working holiday! But the results made it worth it, I'm sure. Enjoyed your photos, esp the ones that reminded me of how our grandparents did it.

  3. I love cutting meat. Looks like you had such a good time. Yummy.