Friday, August 3, 2012

Melissa came over one day and we canned 60 quart of applesauce.

I also had some other helpers.  Autumn helped with the applesauce before she went to work. Rebecca helped can tomatoes in the evening.  We did  27 quarts of canned tomatoes.  Abe....well he just got to be in the picture, but he did help me carry the jars to the basement.

I taught "Bursting Forth" at Patchwork Plus and here are two finished tops. Sharon pieced this one

 Dale pieced this top.

I spent two days in Hendersonville NC.  I gave a lecture on "Designing Inside of Different Block Layouts"

I also taught a six hour class on "Star Chain".  The warm southern hospitality was sure evident from these ladies.  Thanks Joanne for a wonderful time.

My friend Ann (right) joined me on this excursion. What a surprise, Georgia Bonesteel goes to this guild.  I took advantage of getting a picture with one of my quilt heros.

Coming home we spotted these rocks along the side of the road.   I want to try some machine quilting mimicking the pattern of these rocks.


  1. You are a busy lady to do all that canning and then teach quilt classes to boot! Lucky you to have a picture with Georgia. And what a treat to travel with Ann. I know she is a lot of fun!

  2. There's nothing any prettier than fresh produce or canned goods! How nice to see a picture of nearly every quilter's inspiration--Georgia Bonesteel. How we ate up everything she taught on TV. I love your picture of the rocky pavement and that it translates into quilting designs. Nature is our best example, isn't it??!!