Saturday, June 22, 2013


 My third book has arrived.  This quilting book is called "Diamond Chain Quilts".

 The release date is August. To order "Diamond Chain Quilts" email me at or call me at 540-383-5496.

I work with Lynita and Linda at Patchwork Plus.  This is at Lynita's bridal shower.  

Katie Bopp pieced this large "Ivy Spangle Banner" quilt for an opportunity quilt for the Friendship Quilters of Linthicum guild.  Here we are together with my 48" x 48" and her queen size quilt. Go to to purchase tickets for the large raffle quilt.

I am making my dazzling dasies quilt into a table runner.

 My sister Emily and I spent the day at Mother's sewing.  She bought this quilt top at an auction and is in the process of getting it ready to hand quilt.

Mother working on getting pecans out of the shells.

Daughter Autumn and her friend Mel are ready to go backpacking for three days.

They had an exciting three day trip.  No bears got them. :)

Playing the game 7 Wonders.

 Playing corn-hole on Sunday afternoon.

Alex and Jenessa, the happy new married couple.  Alex is my brother, Oren Jr's son.

 "I'll take you places dear one."

 Up, up and away on their honeymoon.

 Rebecca making strawberry jelly.

Anyone have a name for this quilt?

I completed this quilt recently.  Its called "Nebulae".


  1. Loved seeing Alex & Janessa. What a way to ride off into your honeymoon. I really like your quilt that you are aasking for a name, but I just don't have a name for it. Congratulations on your new book. Looking forward to having you and Terry and Mark join the Heatwole bus.

  2. Beautiful quilts and family pictures! I follow Polly and Julia and also always read your blog -- am just in awe of your quilt-making skills because you do NOT shy away from complicated, intricate patterns. That one you asked about a name for? It looks like a Spinning Star to me -- reminds me of a propeller of a plane. Hope you have fun when you get to join up with the rest of your family -- they are sure seeing great sights and having a great time.

  3. I am just in awe of all the beautiful quilt work -- do you sleep? (: (: Congratulations on your 3rd book.