Monday, July 29, 2013

Quilts for the Home

Here is a new quilt pattern I am working on.

Another new quilt pattern in the making.

 Dazzling Daisey Table Runner is a new class I am offering.  The techniques taught are piecing with triangle layouts, working with overlays and machine applique.

 Rebecca made a cast-iron skillet coffee cake for
 a mid-morning coffee break. 
 Barbara - Autumn - Rebecca

  It was so yummy.

 A day out with hubby at the Berryville Gas and Steam. This was a  fun day going to flee markets and looking at old steam engines.

 This ole rooster was carved with a chain saw.  Notice the bear and raccoon in the right bottom part of the picture.

My bargain of the day was two omnigrid rulers,
 one mat and an olfa cutter for a small fee.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Trip Out West

Terry and I flew to San Fransisco to join my family on a western trip.  There was 15 in our group after we joined them.

Mother with her children, in-laws, and one niece at the Golden Gate bridge.

The bus we traveled in.
One of the highlights of our trip was stopping in at Uncle Daniels. We spent two evenings with Uncle Daniels and some of their children.

Emily with cousin Doug and wife Sharon.

One of the many beautiful scenes we saw on our trip.

In Yellowstone National Park.
So excited that we got to see these bison swim across the river.

We were within 9 feet of this fellow.

Afternoon stop at Dairy Queen.

Mark and Polly in front of Mammoth Springs.

7 Sisters in Sisters, Oregon.

Sanford and Sheila getting ready to fly home.  6 of the group left us late one night. While they sleep in the airport the rest of us sleep in the bus.  We could not find a motel. :(

At the rodeo in Cody, WY.

Jim and June laughing at pictures.

Clair drawing Jim as we go down the road.  This picture took her about one hour to sketch.

 It is amazing to see her work.

Home again.
I saw this in my cousin Yavonn's photo album and liked it. I had to change the wording a little.