Monday, October 27, 2014

Annual Apple Butter Boiling and Georgia Trip

Every year Mom and Dad have the family in 
for an apple butter boiling.

The shed in the background is where we boil the apple butter.  Part of the day included games of volley ball.

 There are to many people to feed at one time so we have two shifts.  Here are the grandchildren, nieces and  friends.

 When the apple butter is done, the games come out.

 Terry, myself, some of my children and Autumn's friend Laban went for a hike on Sunday afternoon.

 My mother and I went to Georgia this week.  This is Georgia cotton in round bales.

 We stayed at my sisters home.  One morning we had a brunch with her daughter and daughter-in-laws.

 We toured Pineland Bakery ,my nephew Kurtis's bakery. Kurtis is cutting cookies to bake.

 My niece Katina is showing us how this huge oven can bake many trays of goodies at one time.

 Fresh bakery items are prepared Monday through Saturday.

 Another specialty is cake decorating.

 We traveled on down the road to my cousin's store called Wagon Barn Market.  They specialize in making a couple dozen different kinds of ready to bake casseroles and cakes.

 When we stopped by, my Aunt Ida from Virginia was in the kitchen washing dishes.  Mother visited with her a little.

 Then we traveled a little further and visited another cousin, Nevin. He makes and cans barbecue sauces and salad dressings.

 To top off the day my sister Coleen treated us out to lunch at a quaint restaurant.

What took me to Georgia was a class and lecture in Statesboro, Ga. Visiting my sister and her family was an added bonus. This Star Chain table runner was the class I taught.


  1. Such an interesting post! Your apple butter making day always captivates me. All of your Georgia shops sound so interesting! Also love the runner ~ would enjoy taking that class myself.

  2. What a lovely large family you have!! Thank you for sharing your fun making apple butter, visiting Georgia (does your family own every business in town??) and the beautiful table runner!!

  3. I love how you can take Mother with you. The surprise visit with Aunt Ida brought a smile to my face. Coleen arranged a wonderful tour for you all. And I'm sure traveling with Mother was a delight.