Monday, April 13, 2015

Trip to Canada

I spent last week in Red Lake Ontario with my daughter Parla and her family. Here are a few picture of my week.

 Dave is so gentle and sweet with the children.

Here I am deciding what fabrics to use for the borders in Jacks quilt.  Notice the dark gray in the sashing.  In a later picture you can see I removed it from the quilt.

Appliqueing Jack Boone's name on the quilt. 
 Parla picked the cool fonts. 

Asher is a happy go lucky little guy.

Brighton is Moms big helper.

The finished quilt with sweet little Jack Boone.

With the three little ones Parla still finds time to crochet. 

These are some of the adorable toys she has made.

Thanks Parla, Dave, Brighton, Asher and Jack for a wonderful week.  I miss you all.


  1. Jack Boone's penquin quilt turned out so nice. And I love the little toys that Parla crochets. They are all so cute. I too wonder how she has time with three little ones.. She must have inherited your genes.

  2. We miss you! Thank you so much for coming to visit :)