Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Planting Mums and Quilting

I had the privileged of taking a van load of old order Mennonites to help a family plant mums.  I myself had never done this job before so it was a learning experience for me. We first dumped potting soil into a trough and added water then mixed the soil with our hands.

This is how the mum plugs come. 

We filled the posts with the soil and planted one plug per pot.

Watered the plants.

We loaded the planted pots onto the truck.  The children where a great help.

Then we placed them on black plastic that had a watering system. 650 mums latter.

Terry helped our son Ben (right) put a new roof on his house.

Abe and Rebecca (daughter) moved into a new
 home which needed some painting. 

All moved and settled into their new home.

Life as a Quilter
I just finished quilting this quilt "Through the Lattice" for my 
new book that will be released the end of 2017.  I tried a little something different for the border.

Mother and I went to the Valley Brethern-Mennonite
 Heritage Center for a quilt turning. A quilt turning is a 
stack of quilts laid out on a bed and then the lecturer
 talks about each quilt.  These were quilts from the Shenandoah Valley from Brethren and Mennonite background.