Sunday, September 4, 2016

Quilt Extravaganza

This past weekend my Mother, sisters and sister-in-law
 gathered for a mini sewing retreat. The purpose of our get-together was each one of the girls were to make their rendition of a pattern for my 5th book.

 We all gathered in Mothers home where we grew up as children.

 Our sister Emily who lives in Texas was the only one of us 8 Children who did not get to make it to our quilting weekend. She texted a picture of her working on her quilt.

 Our one and only brother slipped in and
 visited us along with his granddaughter.

 Mother worked on piecing a doll quilt. I think that is pretty good for a 91 year young lady.

 My son Christian dropped in for Sunday lunch.

 My sister Polly and I.

Cheryl's finished quilt top.

Julia and Coleen working diligently.

Julia's quilt "Twirling Birds". She will be entering this quilt in some quilt contests.

Mother made these blocks at our family sewing retreat in Feburary.  This quilt is one of the inspirations that made my mind start churning for this new quilt book.  Can you figure out the them of the book?


  1. Thank you for sharing. Love the quilts!

  2. Lots of lovely quilts and quilters here. Lucky you to be able to share quilting with family members!

  3. wonderful family! thank you for sharing

  4. You are all so blessed to have such a strong bond with your siblings and mother. You mother must be so proud to have such creative daughters. It warms my heart to look at the photos. Thank you so much for sharing. Guida

  5. Hello Barbara from Sue in New Zealand. I have just discovered your blog, from watching your video on 'The Quilt Show'. It was a joy to watch and your teaching is so easy to follow. I have put my email address on your blog as a follower. Thank you also for the lovely free star pattern. 😊