Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Things I Do

-Help Terry replace a turkey house curtain.

-Help Terry in the turkey house.
The day the baby turkeys arrived, they were hatched that same morning bright and early.  We call these "same day hatch."

-Help move turkeys from one end of the turkey house to the other.
Five weeks later the cute birds have turned into this, just opposite of the ugly duckling.

-Quilt with Autumn.

-Skype with Autumn.
When Autumn is at her home in Pennsylvania we can still quilt together by way of Skype.

-Paint barn quilt blocks.
This is my last set of barn blocks I am painting.
I painted 8 more and I only have 3 left.

8 finished 2' x 2' barn quilt blocks.
These 3 blocks are left to sell and they are $75.00 each.  Let me know if you want one.  Great Christmas gifts!

-Piece Quilts
I am ready to quilt this scrappy quilt; but I am not sure if I will quilt chevrons, hexagons, stars, diamonds or circles.

-Teach quilt classes
 Last week I went to Raleigh, NC and Wilmington, NC to teach, "Lets Party", "Cactus Star" and "Star Tricks."  Look at all the smiles on these ladies faces!  You can see why quilting is so much fun.

Paper pieced "Cactus Star" class.

A $50.00 desk turned into a new sewing cabinet.  Compliments from my handy dandy husband.

I picked up the Old Order Mennonite children on their field trip day.  They went to Campbell Print Center and  hiked up Mole Hill.

I got new counter tops and here is a before and..........

....and after picture. I spray painted my green
 canisters with a gray speckled paint. 

 I took this picture for a pictorial quilt I want to make in the future.


  1. Hi Barbara! So much to comment on! Good post!
    You do great work on your barn quilts, and i would recommend one for anyone who wants a bright and colorful quilt to place outside on a shed or barn. I've enjoyed mine tremendously since my husband purchased one last Christmas!

    Very fun that you can quilt and skype with Autumn! I enjoy skyping with my Sarah in faraway Atlanta, too! Micro-premie Andrew is now 7 months old but still needs prayer. He has improved so much, and we are so thankful!

    Love your new kitchen counters, too. They look very nice! Maybe I'll see you around town when I'm out and about. Hope your holidays are special with family.

    1. Deb, it was so interesting looking at your blog again and seeing what has been happening in your life. How exciting it must have been to have little Andrew has come home. Truly a miracle. Some time you are this way let me know and we can meet at the Dayton Market for lunch and catch up.

  2. Wow you have been busy. I was very excited last week as I finally got your latest quilt book "Simply Triangles", its your third book that I own. I cant wait to make something, it will have to wait until mid 2017 as we will be moving house soon and I'm sure it will take that long to settle everything and everyone. Have a great Christmas and New Year to you and your wonderful family. Guida