Monday, February 13, 2017

Sewing Retreat

 I am going back before Christmas to catch my blog up to date.  
Fellow-shipping around the table
 with my sister's family and our family.

 I am celebrating Brighton's birthday
 with an ice-cream treat at McDonald's
 and shopping for a birthday present.

 Over Christmas we butchered 2 pigs for our children. The grandchildren are learning how we stuff sausage.

 Chalk painted slates I made for some Christmas gifts.

 More company over Christmas.  I love this picture because the children out number the adults.

 Asher, Jack Boone and Brighton help me make donuts.

 A new granddaughter means time to make a quilt.

 This month was my family's Heatwole sewing retreat. The 4th generations even get in on the retreat.

 The cousins enjoy catching up on life.

 I sure enjoyed having my girls and grand babies close by.

 Some of the cousins that came for the retreat.

 A special birthday party with great grandmother. 

This grandma is in her glory. My sister Polly.

It was fun to see Julia and Polly figure out the 
values in these fabrics shading from light to dark to make...

 ...this quilt.

Sister Emily with her cow quilt. It was just amazing
 to see this cow come to life.

Aunt Rebecca holding niece Adeline.

Daughter-in-law Melissa made a quiet book.

This picture brings back memories of holding
 my children when I would sew. 
Rowen is Ben and Melissa's little girl.

If you are interested in seeing more picture of the sewing retreat go to my sister Polly's fb page at


  1. Barbara, what a great post! I so enjoyed catching up with you as I'm quite behind in blog reading! Is Adeline Autumn's daughter? I didn't know she was expecting! Very cute with all your grandchildren around! I still remember when you made a quilt for baby Brighton!!! time really passes! Love your quilt for her!! And enjoyed seeing your mother at the birthday party....a picture for the great-grandchildren to treasure.

  2. I your quilt for the new baby Adeline.

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