Sunday, March 11, 2018

Yearly Family Sewing Retreat

This years sewing retreat was in Mississippi 
at my sister Julia's house.

 Here are a few pictures from the week.
Sister-in-law Cheryl's dog wall quilt.

One of my projects was sewing my second 
Pinwheels quilt for bunk beds.

 Polly working on a quilt for a grandchild.

 Emily showing mother her cow quilt.

 Mother's project was making chenille pot holders.

 A birds eye few of our week.

 One of my projects was a Texas Long Horn.

What fabrics do I choose for the long horn?

Here I am cutting black fabric strips to outline the cow.

 At this point I am not sure it will turn our.  I was discouraged.

 By the end of day two Mr Long Horn was quilted.

Coleen made a wall quilt of dress scraps from her husbands mother.

We truly had a blast.

Back Home Again
This is a very special gift I received at Christmas from my son-in-law. He made this adorable sewing machine for me. You can crank the wheel  and the needle goes up and down. It is so cool.


  1. Such a wonderful way to be together to share the fun and the love.

  2. Beautiful family, beautiful quilts...blessed time together! You also have a very special SIL - gorgeous machine!!

  3. LOVED this post, Barbara! I especially always enjoy seeing your yearly family sewing get-together. The picture on the staircase of everyone is just wonderful. And what a treasure is the photo of your mother working on her project. And the cow quilt...oh my! That's different! And amazing, too! Thanks for the update. Sure seems like a very fun time!