Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer Activities Begin

I always need a project to take to mothers when I spend one day a week with her.  This day I basted a quilt together.  Our oldest daughter Parla pieced this before she had 4 children.  
She asked me to quilt it.  The quilt will be 
sold at the Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale in October.

 Mother and I work one day a week at the Gift and Thrift store.  Our job is to measure fabric and price it.

 I just love when my grandchildren come to see me.

 Trip To Canada
It took 4 of us to create a wooden loader. A cool toy from Lowes assembled with hammer and nails.  They all loved it.

 Brighton and Asher wanted to sew something while I was in Canada.  Brighton made a small quilt and Asher made a turtle.  I was so impressed with how they stuck to the embroidery work and the precision they used.

 "Please don't sew over your fingers."
  Yes, I was nervous a few times.

 Brighton's finished quilt.

 Asher named his turtle Wertle the Turtle.

 One day we went fishing and swimming on Red Lake.

 Keeping cool.

 A great play tent.

 While I played with the children Terry worked hard helping Dave (Parla's husband) frame a house for them.

 Building things is such a big part of the children's lives.

This little one is a spit fire and so sweet.
   The older ones just adore her.

Sunday afternoon we went to a pond where the 
children caught frogs and tadpoles.

By the time we left Canada the house was under roof.

Now I am back home and need to get to work.