Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Homeschool Field Trip

Two groups of around 30 people came to our home for a field 
trip to see Terry's rock collection. They were a very attentive group.

 They got a hands on experience.  The big crystal rock in the center of the table came from the Three River Gorge in China.

 These are some of his collection in the corner cabinet.

 Terry gave them each a small geode.

 For a snack I gave them homemade doughnuts
 which were made a few days earlier.

 Life as a Quilter
The last few weeks I have been working on this puppy.  
I need to name this quilt pattern design, any suggestions?  Not sure 
yet how I will quilt the rest of it.
Oops, I see I missed quilting one line.


  1. Nova Star or Dainty Star would be my suggestions. Funny how you could see you had missed a quilting line on the picture but in person your brain fills it in for you!! Gorgeous!!

  2. I bet the kids were and donuts! :)
    Your quilt looks intricate and unique! You always do a great job!