Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sewing Retreat

I love seeing the creativity come from each person during the week of sewing retreat.

Mother is watching two of her
 great grandchildren play together.

Clair's invention of a squirrel backpack.  I wish you could see this backpack in real life, it is so cute.

Cousins learning creative skills.

All of my sisters with mother.  

Sister Julia with her grandchild making an art quilt.

June doing hand work.

Mother did some reading.........

and some picking out for us.

Queena having fun with water color paints.

Water color, oil and inktense
 pictures of the morning sunrise.

Polly completed this quilt.  It is such an intriguing quilt.

Brighton is making an art quilt of a picture she drew.

Brighton's finished star quilt.

A birds eye view.

One of the projects I worked on was a 
paper pieced pattern for a grandchild.

Parla working on cutting out a dress.

This is a project I added gray borders to
 and started machine quilting.

Now to look forward to next year's retreat.


  1. Please give me the name & designer of pollys quilt. What a nice retreat of family members


  2. This quilt was a kit. “Escher” was designed by Christopher Weinhold. Fabrics are Kaffe Fasset.
    Coleen Barnhart took the photo.

  3. Barbara what a great recount of our time together. I’m still smiling and so thankful for our family and heritage rich in love and parents who encouraged us in “you can do it” spirit.

  4. How wonderful to have a family retreat to pursue so many different artistic creations!! I love how so many generations are are so blessed! Everyone's producing something of beauty!!!

  5. And women all across America secretly want to belong to your family for this week.

  6. I'm so impressed that you all enjoy sewing together! My sisters and I would never have a retreat together where we sew, actually we'd never have a retreat together for anything. How wonderful your mother is able to come too. Four generations of artist, you are all blessed.

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