Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Open House

Just a sneak preview on the quilts to be shown on Saturday for the Quilt open house.

"Diamond Chain" featured on the front cover of "Star Struck Quilts"

Work in progress.

This picture brings back good childhood memories. Picture taken outside the door where I grew up. My brother Oren Jr and I played in these woods and climb to the "Big Rock" many times

Another memory is swimming in the river.  The tree on the left I would crawl up so no one would throw me in the river. Other memories were jumping and diving out of trees, playing on inter-tubes, skipping rocks, catching cray fish and seeing how far I could swim under water.


  1. Your quilts look beautiful! I hope your open house goes well. We'll be traveling another direction this weekend..to Indiana for Josh and Laura's wedding. Emily

  2. I sure wish I could be two places at once. Arm someone with a camera that day! Love these pictures. What talent! So glad to be called your sister!