Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn - Quilt - Friends

 Autumn left for Germany for 6 months with Youth with a Missions. This is her early birthday supper.  Looks like she is going to miss Grammy.  We will sure miss her.

Autumn made this Disappearing Nine Patch quilt for her friend Vanessa's birthday.

Autumn also helped her friend Sam make this quilt. I even got to help with the binding.
 Rebecca and Autumn helping Mom shell lima beans.
Mother blanching lima beans for her freezer.

A few shots of close-up quilting.


Taking advantage of the circular print fabric.

Straight Lines

Circles in the border and continuous triangles for the background.

A finished table runner.

A special time in Baltimore with my friends. Mel, thanks for a wonderful time.
Kyra, Melanie, Krista, Lincoln, Cheryl and Max

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