Friday, August 15, 2014

Rebecca and Abe's Wedding

The girls and I fixed the food for serving over 300 guest for the wedding.  The last week before the wedding we planned each day to work on a specific food.  Here we are rolling out 43 pie crusts.

Mother came an afternoon to help make salsa.  The wedding menu was: burritos, chips and salsa, fruit slush and fresh peach pie.

Friends and family came to chop lettuce, onions, 
tomatoes, peppers.....

and peaches.  Lois, Mother and Sheila (sister) 

The girls also made flower arrangements for the tables.

Assembling peach pies and seasoning beans.
Mr and Mrs Abe Rittenhouse


 After the wedding we had supper down my the river with the Heatwole cousins.

The following week I went with my grandchildren to the Rockingham County Fair.  Brighton getting a close up of the sheep.

Christian (Son) joined us for lunch while at the fair.
                                                       Parla, Asher, Christian and Dave

Before the wedding Terry and I flew to Alaska and went salmon fishing.  We meet up with our friends Frank and Ann (couple on right) from Virginia who stayed with us while we were in Alaska. We had so much fun with them. 

  One of our high lights was visiting with Steve and Angie and their children in Homer Alaska.  
Steve is a friend from our school days and went to our church.

Steve's friend Mike McCann came over and ate lunch with us. This fall he will be on discovery channel, Yukon Men.

Fishing for salmon on the Kenai River.

In Soldotna we took a boat cruise.

This is at the mouth of the Kenai where the locals net salmon.  Notice the line of people on both sides of the river.  
Each one has a 4 foot net.

Tom Cooper owns a rock shop outside of Soldotna.  He does amazing carvings on moose antler horns and other objects.
 Such and interesting place to go.

This week I am going to take it easy. :)


  1. Super post. Really enjoyed the wedding pics since i had to miss. Good Alaska shots too.

  2. Busy, busy girl!! 42 peach pies -- I'm feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it -- I know you had LOTS of helping hands. What a beautiful wedding!!

  3. Congratulations to the newly wedded couple. Good to see you all being a helping hand in wedding. The couple looks beautiful together. It reminds me of my sister’s wedding at wedding venues Chicago where we all helped in arrangements and had great pleasure in doing so.