Thursday, January 8, 2015

I love when all my children are around the table.  We started our Christmas day with a brunch.

 Throughout the day we just enjoyed being with each other.  It was fun to see the interaction with the little ones.

Asher listening to the weather.

 New Years day was spent with my daughter Rebecca and Abe. After a tasty lunch we went on a hike to the....

...telescope in Greenbank WV.
 Thanks Rebecca and Abe for a fun day and the delicious food.

 Christian making a Greek pizza, Parla making an Hawaiian pizza and I made a meat pizza for Brighton's Birthday supper.
Dave and Parla decorating a princes birthday cake.

A pleased little girl with her birthday cake.

 Play tunnels and houses are so much fun.

Mother came on Christmas day.   Brighton really enjoyed Mother reading to her.

A joy ride in the car.

This little fellow (Asher) will just melt your heart.

Dave and Asher are exploring this backhoe at Timeless Toys store. This store is a great place to buy good quality toys. It is in the Shenandoah Heritage Farmers Market.

A tea party with Brighton's new play set.

I painted this quilt block to hang on one of our outdoor buildings. This is my favorite block which is called the carpenter's wheel.

I just finished designing and piecing Twinkling Chevron. 


  1. I think "Twinkling Chevrons" is a show stopper!

  2. Hi Barbara! I loved reading about your special times with family! I know you enjoyed those grandchildren! And you KNOW that i simply LOVE barn quilts!!! Yours is beautiful!!! And I'm sure a bunch cheaper than places charge for those! Great job on it!

    I miss getting to see you in person. I've not been in patchwork plus since it was sold....not sure why...just didn't sign up for any classes and haven't been in. Happy New Year!

  3. Oooo! Oooo! I really, really like the Twinkling Chevron pattern. But then, I really like so many of your designs.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family and the wonderful occasions. How very lovely!

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