Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Barn Quilt Blocks

Simple Quilt made from scraps.
I dug in  my red and blue 5 1/2" square scraps. From each square I cut a triangle off diagonal corners.

Then I sewed a 1" strip into the square.

Here are some options of different quilt layouts with this block.

 Large red and blue squares               All red squares                               All blue squares

 Every other red and blue squares
I think this is the option I will go with.

I spent one day sewing at a fund raiser for Relay For Life 
 at Patchwork Plus.

Sister-in-law Pam gave each of us gals a basket kit at Christmas.  Here we are starting our baskets by putting the spokes in the base.

Our finished product is a basket to serve veggies in.  Thanks Pam for a special gift and a special day.

Breakfast out with three of my children

Autumn making a baby quilt for a friend.

Sue sent me a picture of Star Shuffle quilt she made at a retreat.  Way to go Sue. It is always fun to see my patterns made into quilts.

Mother is showing me her sleeping apparatus that keeps her mouth closed while she sleeps.  It keeps her from getting a dry mouth.  She is quite the inventor.

Can you guess what I am doing?

Painting barn quilt blocks.  Here is the first painting of blue.  

This block has been painted blue, then taped and painted with red paint. It will get two more coats of red paint.

The three barn blocks on the left are done.  The large 4 x 4 still gets another color.

These two blocks are done in opposite color. 

4 x 4 Star Tricks barn block finished!

Here is my carpenters wheel barn block 
on our old turkey house.  It looks so small but it is a 4'x4'.


  1. Next one on the turkey house should be 8 x 8. Just sayin....

  2. Next one on the turkey house should be 8 x 8. Just sayin.... Seriously, you can do it by combining four of your sizes. Do star tricks like that.

  3. Love all your barn quilts!! Your baskets look fabulous too - what fun to do them all together!

  4. I love your barn quilt blocks -- we have many barns and other buildings in our area with large blocks on them and I've even driven around our area and into northern Pennsylvania taking pictures of them.

  5. Barbara, are you selling your barn quilt blocks or are they just for family and yourself? You know I LOVE barn quilts!

    1. Yes, I am selling them. The 2 x 2 are $50.00 and the 4 x 4 are 175.00.