Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mother/Daughter Quilting

I taught a quilt class this past week at Sew Classic Fabrics. There was a Mother and daughter who took my class. 
 It was so neat to see the interaction. 
 Pat and Sue

This inspired me to share a few other pictures of 
Mother/Daughter teams quilting.
June and Jolene

Holly (my niece) and Polly (my sister)

 4 Generations: Margaret (my mother), June (my sister), Jolene (my niece), Afton (my great niece).

 Emily (my sister) and Granddaughter.

 Autumn and me.

Margaret (my mother) and Polly  (my sister)

Spend some time with your daughter.  You can take her out to eat, pull weeds with her or help her clean her windows.  Be an encouragement and build up your relationships.  

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