Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quilting Blog Tour

The blog tour for my new book
Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars
Starts on Monday.

What is so amazing about this quilt book?  From this one block pattern you can create diamonds, circles, pinwheels, stars, boxes and cubes.

Chances to Win the Book
Here's the schedule of blogs participating in the tour. 
C&T Publishing- April 25   
Bonnie Hunter-Quiltville - April 26  
Pat Sloan -The Voice of Quilting- April 27   
Julia Graber -  April 28  
Canton Villiage Quilt Works - April 29  
Connecting Threads - April 30  
Barbara H. Cline-Quiltingal - May 1  
  Head to these sites each day for more information about the book and more giveaways!

Do you see the one triangle block in the Starry Lights quilt below?


  1. Oh, I finally found it. That was hard. That's so cool that this quilt is made with only one simple triangle block. Amazing!

  2. Don't know if this is right but the blocks are all made of triangles - Stunning!

  3. I love your new book. I look forward to getting a copy.

  4. Looking forward to your May 1 post. I didn't identify the unit until it was shown. I was looking for a single triangle piece rather than a triangle shaped block made of smaller pieces.

  5. Would love to add this book to my library. Amazing!

  6. Does anyone else see "brown paper packages tied up with string"?

  7. I see it yes i tytyty for the blog book hop ...Its a great book you should be very pleased....

  8. Yes I see the one triangle block and the quilts are intriguing.

  9. Just love this!!! Good luck on book sales. Bet it is Very popular
    . Intriguing!

  10. Great book, interesting quilts.

  11. Wow! The way you do your blocks make the quilts go together quickly! All straight seams, no y's. Intricate looking, but yet so simple. Love this quilt the best.

  12. I love this method - finally saw the triangles!!

  13. Great love it tytyty for sharing.......

  14. Just like playing in a 3 way mirror