Monday, January 16, 2012

We sure enjoy life.

 Monday evening after supper the young-uns played a board game, called Ticket to Ride.

Melissa making wedding plans with her Mom.

 Ben and Melissa's wedding is in two weeks.  The church had a bridal shower for Melissa and Bridget.

 We always enjoy the food at a shower.

Half the crowd.

Thursday I was in Centreville, Va. where I taught "Star Tricks".  Linda had a great start on her quilt.

Kathy was well on her way as well.

In the evening I had a lecture call "Designing Inside a Lone Star"  In this lecture I also talked about some quilting techniques, as well as some quilts in my book "Simply Triangles".

 Terri took the "Cactus Star" class at a quilt show over a year ago and brought back her finished quilt for me to see.  She did a terrific job.

 Can you see the triangle?

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