Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Bells, Brighton, and the Sewing Retreat

This past week was filled with wedding preparations for Benjamin and Melissa's wedding.
Making cotton candy balls for the tables at the reception.

Ella altering bridesmaids dresses.

Mother and I preparing gourmet potatoes.

 Rehersal supper.

The wedding day.
Our children at the church before the wedding began:

The happy newlyweds.

My oldest daughter and her husband came down for the wedding and brought along their new little bundle :) Little Brighton Noel has been passed from person to person the whole time she has been here.

 Aunt Autumun with Brighton.

 Great Grandma Cline holding Brighton for the first time.

Uncle Christian doesn't quite know what to do with her :)

eating leftover wedding food on Sunday

Family and friends.

The young'ns.

Polly making a wedding quilt for these two love birds.

 Mother has already finished a rag quilt.

Parla teaching Grandmother how to follow crochet directions.

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