Monday, March 26, 2012

Delightful Times

My daughter, Autumn, enjoys working at Timeless Toys.  Check it out on Facebook.  A wonderful toy store for children.

What a special day.  Autumn made me lunch and brought it to work.

It was as good as it looks.  Delicious and fun.

Some ladies I work with at Patchwork Plus.  Kara

Darlene (teacher) on left and student, Paula on right.  See what fun we have?

Linda, in her office.

Leta, a lady who everyone enjoys.

I fly to Kansas to teach a class and give lectures for

Teaching an all day class....
of the "Star Chain" table runner.

A few days later I became the student and took a class called "Dancing Dots" by Nancy Mahoney.  My sister's Emily and Julia also took the class.  What fun.

Back home again.  Mother amazes me at how computer savvy she is.  She just turned 87. 

This was the treat she served me on her fine china she painted, when I got to her home.
I enjoyed the day with Mother.


  1. How special! Not only that she made and brought you lunch, but she also ate it with you!! I enjoyed the peek inside at Patchwork and the ladies you work with. You never have a dull moment in your life! I love the way you spend a day each week with Mother. That is special for both of you.

  2. You are so blessed with such a lovely family. I love it when you post!

  3. Barbara ~ I love the Dancing Dots blocks! Very colorful and unique and something I would like! Also...the picture of your mother is a treasure! I will have to show it to my 84-year old mother and tell her she'd better get with it and start learning how to use a mouse! :)