Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving / Debby Brown

 Making donuts Thanksgiving Day.

 Look who is goofing off.

 Still goofing.

 Now Benjamin is a working, while Autumn is sampling.  I have donuts in my freezer.  Come on over for a cup of coffee and a donut.
Parla we missed having you and Dave here.

Debby Brown came to teach at Patchwork Plus for a week.

She is a specialist in long arm machine quilting.

Debby showed us many unique tips and tricks.

These are samples of what she taught us.

Here is a neat little sample of  her work.

Shenandoah Valley Quilt Guild ladies who made Hospices quilts.

Ceres brought "Diamond Chain" a quilt pattern of mine.

In the afternoon we worked on more Hospice quilts.

Lori is the great organizer who makes sure quilts are getting made.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hunting and Sewing Trip

 Terry and I headed to Ohio where we meet my sister Polly and her husband Mark. While driving down the road, the men talked and Polly and I quilted and watched some quilting videos.

 We spent the first evening and night at Mark's cousin's home (Lois and Steve Ulrichs).  Steve showed us many quilts that his mother had made.

Then on to Iowa!
The four guys in the center are the hunters.  Terry and Mark went along to watch deer, but not to hunt.

 After settling in to our hunting cabin and making some soup, Polly and I got right to work on our sewing projects.

I machine quilted the whole time I was there.

Polly working on her "French Braid"

 Over the weekend Polly's grandchildren came with there Mommas.

 There were 11 children.  They were well behaved children who listen to there parents.  It was truly a blessing to have these families there with us.

 Polly's grandchildren playing with pins.

 Another project Polly is working on.

Terry went out 2 1/2 days and video taped the deer.  On the day he went with Jeremy. That was the day he (Jeremy) got his big buck.

This is one happy guy.

We packed up and came home.  Terry and I went to Cabela's and some antique stores on the way homeA wonderful time with my hubby.
Check out Pollys Blog 
for more pictures.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Apple Butter

Dad and Mom (Cline) have made apple butter
 a family tradition throughout the years.

Dad's shed makes a wonderful place for this family gathering.  We can play corn-whole...

stay warm...

even when it is snowing.  Pam is bringing us more apples.

Christian taking a nap while....

others work.

Cousins always like to play games.

Who could Rebecca be texting with that smirk on her face?

Time for the men folks to get a bite to eat.
  Mom always serves her wonderful vegetable soup.

Kelsy and Autumn having fun.

Time to take off the apple butter.

The older crew with the finished product.

The younger crew having a ball.

The children had a barn party.  Autumn and Melissa dressed up as
Thing I and Thing II who are the characters in a Dr. Seuss book.

Benjamin dressed up as a smurf.