Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trip to Canada

We all packed in the van and headed to Parla (my daughter) and Dave's.

A couple of hours from the Canadian border, our van started giving us trouble.

We had a 2 hour delay, but were soon able to journey on.

The next day we packed for a three day canoe trip.  These are our food buckets.  Brighton enjoyed standing in them.

Carrying the canoes to the lake.

Rebecca enjoying a Mountain Dew while Melissa watches.

Rebecca and Autumn were canoe partners.

Terry and I paddling along.

 Terry and Christian having a successful run through the rapids.

Time for supper.  Parla planned our meals and she did a wonderful job. We used mountain pie irons for egg sandwiches, pancakes, pizza pockets and fruit pockets.

Tent city.

While we set up tents, Brighton ate dirt.

Portage time.

We sailed one day when the wind was brisk.

Brighton enjoying the ride.

Going from one lake to anther by a river.

One canoe had three people in it.  The center person was the designated babysitter.

This is what happens when it rains and the wind blows.

 Here we are eating lunch and taking a break.

The whole tribe .
Back row: Christian, Benjamin, Melissa, Barbara and Terry
Front row: Dave, Brighton, Parla, Rebecca and Autumn.

Rock climbers at the Medicine Stone.

 We are sailing here so there is not much rowing to do.

Dave and Parla did a fabulous job of organizing this wonderful trip.

All done.  Waiting for the truck to come get us.

A couple of our children entered in a triathlon that Red Lake holds every year. Parla did the sprint triathlon, which was a 750 meter swim, a 20 kilometer bike ride, and a 5 kilometer run.

Dianna, Rebecca and Christian did a team sprint triathlon.
 Dianna (On the left)  did the swimming.

Christian did the biking.

Rebecca did the running.

Parla took Brighton with her on the running part.

 We all enjoyed doughnuts and muffins during the race.

One evening, we went to a couple's house for supper that own an island on Red Lake.  We drove to the dock, and they came and picked us up on their boat.  Here are Melissa and Autumn ready for a boat ride to the island for supper.

 We enjoyed a delicious supper and wonderful evening by the lake.  Thanks for a wonderful evening Matt and Dianna.

We even got to see a moose. :)

Back at Dave and Parla's house again.  Christian enticing Brighton with a Mountain Dew from a fishing pole.

Our last evening we got to see the northern lights.  What a wonderful way to end our trip.  See Parla's blog for more pictures.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Silent Auction and Blog Tour

This miniature quilt "Over the Sea"  is in the silent auction at the Virginia Quilt Museum. Check out all the miniature quilts. The bidding for this ends August 24.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Melissa came over one day and we canned 60 quart of applesauce.

I also had some other helpers.  Autumn helped with the applesauce before she went to work. Rebecca helped can tomatoes in the evening.  We did  27 quarts of canned tomatoes.  Abe....well he just got to be in the picture, but he did help me carry the jars to the basement.

I taught "Bursting Forth" at Patchwork Plus and here are two finished tops. Sharon pieced this one

 Dale pieced this top.

I spent two days in Hendersonville NC.  I gave a lecture on "Designing Inside of Different Block Layouts"

I also taught a six hour class on "Star Chain".  The warm southern hospitality was sure evident from these ladies.  Thanks Joanne for a wonderful time.

My friend Ann (right) joined me on this excursion. What a surprise, Georgia Bonesteel goes to this guild.  I took advantage of getting a picture with one of my quilt heros.

Coming home we spotted these rocks along the side of the road.   I want to try some machine quilting mimicking the pattern of these rocks.