Sunday, June 9, 2019

Ordinary Days of a Quilter.

Even though I am a quilter there are more important things in life, like the grandchildren.  This day we got baby turkeys and I had these little ones for the day.

 I took their boots off.  This was helpful because they didn't want to step in the wooden shavings, therefore they stayed put.

My mother is visiting with my grandchild Deacon.  This helps keep the generations connected.

A fun evening spent at a Barn party with some bluegrass music, food, and fellowship.

One day I went to Lancaster, PA  and spent the day quilt shopping with friends. Another day I volunteered at the Mennonite Central Committee Quilt Room. 
Some of us sewed while some cut fabric.....

....and others quilted.

Theses comforters were squished and compacted for shipping to send to other countries in need.

Comforters ready to ship.  I find it interesting in my quilt travels that the tied quilts are only called comforters in the Mennonite circles.

There was a group of Amish ladies quilting in the other room.

My trip teaching quilting in Denver CO was a quick one. 

This is the sight that welcomed me as I flew into the
 Shenandoah Valley.  Home sweet home.

 Here are two close-up pictures of  projects that will be... my next book.

I am excited to be teaching at Road to California.