Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Time

Rebecca and Autumn working on their quilts.

Rebecca gave this quilt to Abe for his birthday.

So grateful for Autumn's help at the strawberry patch. 

This is where we picked strawberries.  Terry help build this house for Leonard Wenger.

Rebecca and Abe ready for the big race.

Time to get together.  Parla, Dave and Brighton are home from Canada.

Brighton with her two great grandmas.  The rest of us just happen to be in the picture.

 Throw me in the air Uncle Christian.
 The Cline family. 

 The Heatwole Family Campout has begun.

Grandad, you are funny.

 In the evenings the nieces and nephews always stirred up some sort of game to play.  Corn hole was a big hit.
Three proud grandma's.

 When you fix for 75 people you need a lot of eggs.

25 of the 42 grandchildren.

 We love to get together and go camping.

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