Monday, September 10, 2018

Dubai and New Quilt Pattern

International Quilt Trip
I am excited to say I will be teaching in Dubai. The two classes I will be teaching are Under the Sea and Surprise Packages.
Nov 18 and 19th 2018- Dubai at Classic Quilts
Nov 20th – Travel from Dubai to Kuwait
Nov 21 and 22nd- Classes in Kuwait
To see my schedule for teaching go to Delightful Piecing.

 New Quilt E-Pattern  48" x 48"
 Caribbean Delight is a new quilt e-pattern.  The ombre in this quilt is called Rainbow and is from Timeless Treasures.

Here is a close up of the quilting.  I used different colors of thread for each of the background stippling colors.


This quilt is quilted with radiant beams coming out of the center and I used peacock ombre for the stars.

To order an e-pattern go to Delightful Piecing and scroll 
down until you see the pattern.  With an e-pattern you print it and can have your pattern as soon as you receive it by email.