Monday, October 28, 2019

New Quilt Pattern and Life

Terry and I took a trip to the New England states.  This is at Bar Harbor, it was a beautiful and calm evening by the sea. 

This was the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse in Maine.

In Acadia National Park we took
 a hike one morning around the lake.

It was interesting and pretty to see the leaves in all there beauty.

At the end of our trip we stopped at our daughter's home in Pennsylvania for a few days.  I gave a quilt lecture and trunk show at the Buffalo Mennonite church.

Adeline sure enjoyed the water color painting.  

Back home again.  
One day a month I get together with quilting friends and we chat, quilt and have a great time together.

We each work on our own project.

Here is Jane. I will let the picture speak for itself.  I like the way she matches the quilt in the background.

I just finished designing and making this Modern Star quilt.

Another year of making apple butter up at Terry's home.

The boys cleaning the kettle.

Our 10th grandchild Marcy was born the 
day after apple butter boiling. 

She is welcomed by two other sisters. This is Adeline and Marcy.