Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summer Time Happenings

Cline Family Reunion.
 Trip to Canada - Enjoying the grandchildren

Baby Quilt I made for grandchild Vesper Willow.

Trip To Delaware
Niece Holly working at a bakery. 

 While in Delaware I had a lecture and class.  Traveled from there to NJ and taught a class.

Baby quilt I made for grandchild Leo Benjamin.

 A fun day with Mother and two of my 6 sisters.

Supper and campfire along the river with friends.

Trip to Lancaster, PA with my hubby.

Trip to daughter Autumn's home.

Hiking with my hubby to Mt. Rogers VA.

Hubby and I took a meal to two ladies that go to our church.  
We took Mother with us.

I made this interleave quilt by combining.....

the next two pieced fabrics together.

Another interleave quilt I made.

Samples of quilting class in Brasstown, NC.

Julian (nephew), Jodie and Keaton came for supper one evening.

I painted my kitchen chairs and table black for a new look.

My sister Julia is making a quilt from an inspiration of my pattern Cookie Cutter.

 One of 6 classes I taught in Mississippi.

HELP! I have 4 bushels of peaches to work.

My great nephews are using crutches for stilts.

Pizza and fresh peach pie with my sister, 
Mother, nephew and families.