Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Quilts at The Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale

The Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale 2016 was this past Saturday.

 The auction was on Friday evening and continued Saturday through the early afternoon.

 Our church youth group washed the potatoes that were for the potato chip making for the sale.

 Breakfast started early with omelets,  pancakes,
sausage gravy and biscuits.

 There were many wood crafted items also sold at the auction.

 A day of slicing meat and cheeses for the relief sale
 happens at Grandma's Pantry.

 Pies of all varieties were sold along with other baked items.

My daughters came home to make quilts for my new book coming out next fall. They are each making a quilt that will be featured in the book.  I just love days like these. 

Here is a new pattern I am playing around with called Cookie Cutter.  The first one is made of many browns and reds with an appliqued strip of gold.

The second Cookie Cutter  is a three color fabric quilt with a zigzag appliqued on two of the corners.  

My husband is working on a generator
 building for our turkey houses.

 He needed a second hand a few days so I got to help him.

 Here are some ladies that took a photo quilt class with me.

 Their photo quilts were amazing.

 Mother and I spent the day with Rebecca helping her can salsa, tomato juice and whole tomatoes .  Her sour kraut was also ready to can.  I think we wore Mother out, she chopped tomatoes, onion and peppers all morning. 

 I am out in Iowa teaching and lecturing about quilts. Thanks for a wonderful time Nancy and Carol.

Valli made this quilt from my book "Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars" book.  She used old shirts, notice the color placement of the different shirts in the quilt.