Friday, September 19, 2014

Busy Days

 One evening Terry and I went to WV to Rebecca and Abe's new home and watched them open their wedding gifts. Jullian and Lucy (Abe's parents) were also there to enjoy the evening. 

Circle of Stars is safety pinned and ready for the machine quilting.

Quilted and bound!

I will be teaching this class at Patchwork Plus on November 11, 9:00am-2:00pm.

Autumn is getting a little help from me on the
Saturday Sampler block.  She spent the day with Mother.  I dropped in on them in the late afternoon.

I tried my hand at making smoked salmon jerky.  If I must say so myself it was very tasty.

 Our quilt guild had a picnic in August.  We were to dress up in the 60s era.  Gail Lori and I all had circle skirts on. 

This month I have been busy traveling and teaching quilt classes from Maryland, Virginia and
 Oklahoma. This group of ladies is from the Norman Oklahoma Guild, a very lively bunch of quilters.

Terry is teaching Jennifer, my sister June's daughter, how to put up trim in her house. Way to go girl!

While the trim was being hung, Rhianna was helping Grandma (my sister June) make rhubarb crunch. Rhianna is such a good worker.

  Some of my other nieces were making goodie bags.