Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Designers Virtual Quilt Show

Take a moment each day to visit the Designers Virtual Quilt Show webpage to be introduced to new designers and vendors and see the class schedule.

Click here for the Designers page.
Click here for  designers Social Media Plateform.

I want to share with you my latest E-pattern called Diamond Chain Star.  You can order the $5.00     e-pattern by going to 
Delightful Piecing E-patterns.

Diamond Chain Star pieced with Cherrywood Fabric.

In September my latest book will be released called Diamond Star Quilts.   
  • Twelve terrific projects! Piece diamonds and patchwork stars with no inset seams
  • Learn speed construction techniques to sew eight-pointed stars like a pro
  • Grow your skills as you move from beginner patterns to advanced designs

This is the first project in the book for a beginner wanting to learn how to piece 8-pointed stars.  By piecing this quilt you learn some of the basics for an 8-pointed star, strip piecing and cutting from pieced strips.  Notice the quilting! Easy, easy. easy and done by using the walking foot.

To preorder a book send me an email to delightfulpiecing@gmail.com and let me know you want a book when it is released. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Scrappy Squares

Scrappy Squares is a quilt I made with my 2 1/4" squares. 
 There is no pattern so I thought
 I would share with you how I made this quilt.

Example of a green block 
From my 2 1/4" green squares I chose 25 squares with many different values.  I placed them from light to dark diagonally.  If you take a picture with your camera and turn it into a black and white scale photo you can see the values and may need to change some of the squares around. Sew the squares together to form a 25 block patch.

 I used a small zigzag stitch to applique leaf like petals onto each block.  Notice the chain of petals that run diagonal are on the dark to light shades of red from corner to corner and the two leaf petals in each corner are on the medium shades of red. The appliques need to stay 1/4" away from the side of the square so when you sew the blocks together you will not catch the petals in the seam allowance.

I used the colors of the rainbow to move from color to color when laying out the quilt.  Notice the flowers are on the medium values of where 4 blocks come together and where the chain connects there are light and dark values in every other row.

Gray blocks were used around the quilt to border or frame it.  
Petal chains are quilted in the gray blocks to continue the  the petal chain idea. 

This was a quick "how to" but maybe it has inspired you
 on the next quilt you make.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Here are the stops:

The trunk show will be hosted via Facebook Live from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST each day from April 1 - April 10, 2020.

April 1 

April 1 12pm EST Andi Stanfield facebook.com/Anditruebluequilts
April 1 1pm EST Nancy Scott
April 1 2pm EST becky jorgensen
April 1 3pm EST carolina moore
April 1 4pm EST Jackie Kunkel
April 1 5pm EST Connie Jonson Sayler
April 1 6pm EST
Laura Piland/Slice of Pi Quilts  https://www.facebook.com/sliceofpiquilts/
April 1 7pm EST Sandra Starley https://www.facebook.com/TextileTimeTravels
April 1 8pm EST Swan Sheridan www.facebook.com/swanamitystudios

April 2

April 2 12pm EST Lisa Ruble https://www.facebook.com/LoveToColorMyWorld/
April 2 1pm EST Beth Helfter Www.facebook.com/EvaPaigeQuiltDesigns
April 2 2pm EST Diane Bohn/From Blank Pages
April 2 3pm EST Deb Eggers/the cottage rose
April 2 4pm EST Heidi Pridemore/The Whimsical Workshop
April 2 5pm EST Kate Colleran
April 2 6pm EST Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis https://www.facebook.com/tamarinis/

April 3

April 3 12pm EST Darcy Hunter www.facebook.com/darcydoodlequiltsApril 3 1pm EST Teresa Weaver www.facebook.com/yoursewingfriend
April 3 2pm EST Annette Ornelas
April 3 3pm EST Jo Westfoot - The Crafty Nomad
April 3 4pm EST Lynn Kane
April 3 5pm EST Geeky Bobbin
https://facebook.com/geekybobbinApril 3 6pm EST
April 3 7pm EST Laura Strickland
April 3 8pm EST Jen Frost

April 4

April 4 12pm EST Sherry Shish - Powered By Quilting facebook.com/poweredbyquilting
April 4 1pm EST Bill Locke - Bill Locke Designs
April 4 2pm EST Toni Smith/Quiltoni
April 4 3pm EST Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis
April 4 4pm EST Jennifer Fulton
April 4 5pm EST Jessica Caldwell/ Desert Bloom Quilting
April 4 6pm EST Monique Kleinhans / Ladybug's Cabin
April 4 7pm EST Heather Long / Coffee and Quilts
April 4 8pm EST Marija Vujcic, Mara Quilt Designs https://www.facebook.com/MaraQuiltDesigns/

April 5

April 5 12pm EST Ebony Love https://www.facebook.com/LoveBugStudios/
April 5 1pm EST Bill Locke https://www.facebook.com/bill.locke.96
April 5 2pm EST Marlene Oddie
April 5 3pm EST Sandy Fitzpatrick
April 5 4pm EST Reed Johnson
April 5 5pm EST Diane Harris
April 5 6pm EST
April 5 7pm EST Kathryn LeBlanc/Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio
https://www.facebook.com/dragonflysquiltingdesignstudioApril 5 8pm EST

April 6

April 6 12pm EST Becca Fenstermaker
April 6 1pm EST Cherry Guidry
April 6 2pm EST Cheryl Lynch
April 6 3pm EST Annie Smith
April 6 4pm EST
April 6 5pm EST Reeze Hanson
April 6 6pm EST
April 6 7pm EST
Melissa Marginet https://www.facebook.com/melissa.marginet.quilter/
April 6 8pm EST

April 7

April 7 12pm EST Margaret Willingham/ Eye of the Beholder Quilt Design
April 7 1pm EST Kate Colleran/Seams Like A Dream Design
April 7 2pm EST Barbara Cline
April 7 3pm EST Barbara Persing
April 7 4pm EST Ms P Designs USA/ Sharon Andersen
April 7 5pm EST
April 7 6pm EST
April 7 7pm EST
Diane Harris https://www.facebook.com/stashbandit/
April 7 8pm EST Christa Watson https://www.facebook.com/groups/christaquilts/

April 8

April 8 12pm EST Tina Dillard/Quilting Affection Designs
April 8 1pm EST Raija Salomaa/Quilters' Treasure Chest
April 8 2pm EST Robin Koehler//NESTLINGS by Robin
April 8 3pm EST Terri Vanden Bosch
April 8 4pm EST Jackie Kunkel
April 8 5pm EST Leanne Parsons https://www.facebook.com/devotedquilterdesigns
April 8 6pm EST Laura Piland/Slice of Pi Quilts  https://www.facebook.com/sliceofpiquilts/
April 8 7pm EST
Ebony Love https://www.facebook.com/LoveBugStudios/
April 8 8pm EST Tammy Silvers/Tamarinis

April 9

April 9 12pm EST Rugile Stanyte   https://www.facebook.com/LittleDreamsQuilts
April 9 1pm EST Nancy Scott
April 9 2pm EST Jayme Crow/Bella Nonna Design Studio
April 9 3pm EST
April 9 4pm EST
Jen Frost https://www.facebook.com/FaithAndFabric/
April 9 5pm EST      Annie Smith https://www.facebook.com/anniesmithqs/
April 9 6pm EST Karen L. Miller / Redbird Quilt Co. https://www.facebook.com/RedbirdQuiltCo/
April 9 7pm EST Kathryn LeBlanc/Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio
April 9 8pm EST Monique Kleinhans / Ladybug's Cabin

April 10

April 10  12pm  Sarah Maxwell https://www.facebook.com/DesignsSarahJMaxwell
April 10     1pm  Teresa Weaver
www.facebook.com/yoursewingfriendApril 10     2pm  Karen Overton https://www.facebook.com/TheQuiltRambler
April 10  3pm Alison Stothard https://www.facebook.com/hexadoodlequilts
April 10     4pm
April 10  7pm Toni Smith/Quiltoni https://www.facebook.com/Quiltoni/
April 10     8pm Marija Vujcic, Mara Quilt Designs https://www.facebook.com/MaraQuiltDesigns/

Here is how the Virtual Trunk Show work?  

This morning, go to each designer's Facebook page and "like" or "follow" it so you will receive a notification before the trunk show starts. 

A few minutes before the time, go to the specific designer's Facebook page and watch the trunk show.  It will last about 15 minutes and in the comments you have an opportunity to ask questions.  The designer might not ask your question right away, but most designers will go back through the comments and answer after their presentation has ended. 

Don't fret if you miss a show, you will be able to go back to the designer's page and catch a replay.   

Each day, I plan on posting the schedule so you can follow along.