Monday, December 1, 2014

Fall Fun

 A fall Sunday afternoon hike to South River falls with Benjamin, Melissa, Autumn and Laban.

Autumn and Laban sure are enjoying each 
others company these days. :)

Quilting ladies I meet with once a month to spend the day quilting together. Oh, so much fun!
 Lori took my class Dasie table runner and showed it to our group. Notice the tulle overlay on the daises.

 Vickie's overlay was a variegated lame fabric.

Laying bricks.....

to build a card table play house.

Here  is the back side of the house.
Terry bought this quilt at the Mennonite Relief sale.  Nancy, a friend whom we have known for a long time quilted it. We are so tickled to have this quilt.

This quilt has 11 different colors of background fabrics.  I used black tulle over half the background pieces creating 11 more different values. Now 22 values ranging from white to black.

Here is a close-up so you can see the tulle overlay.

I was delighted when it snowed and I could 
sew up a storm. 120 triangle blocks later.

While I sewed on this quilt 
Autumn made a "Sweet Seat" for a Christmas gift.