Sunday, April 29, 2012

My sister Polly came down from Delaware and joined me for a day of sewing. 

We rented table space for a fund raiser.  Some sewed....

while others scrap booked.

 A lot of paper piecing in this  project.

 Taking time out of a busy day to eat.

 What does this empty shelf mean?

Time to reorganize my stash.

 That looks much better.  Notice I didn't show you a before picture.  I still have my scrap draws to organize.

My three sisters, Mother and I went to the quilt museum and thrift shopping.

 This Farmers Delight is on display at the museum.  Donated by Fran Miller.

We took Sunday lunch to Mothers.  Coleen and Polly, so glad you got in on this special dinner.

Uh-oh, Polly locked her keys in the car.

 Mother checking out the situation.

 "We need help."

Enjoying the banks of North River.

 More folks enjoying the river.

 These two sure enjoy being with each other.
 Rebecca and Abe

 Singing and making melody.
 Melissa and Benjamin

 Enjoying the music.

 At the Shenandoah Valley Quilter Guild Paula Golden taught a class on color.

Two quilts I pieced for hospice.  Sewing Circle hand quilted them. Same fabrics different backgrounds and borders.

 Another quilt I pieced for Hospice.  I pieced Dancing Dots in Nancy Mahoney's class.

Enjoying raisin bread, coffee and fellowship with special people.

Autumn took advantage of having her bunion removed and took the Walmart cart on a drive.

A special treat at Dairy Queen after the bunion operation.

Mother made me a very special lunch.  She made fried tilapia, mixed vegetables, salsa, pudding, and cranberry's with homemade yogurt. 

Who is coming in the buggy?
Uncle Joe, Aunt Ruthie, Rebecca and Abe.
Rebecca surprised Abe with a buggy ride.  She prepared supper and the rest of us got to enjoy the meal at Uncle Joe and Aunt Ruthie's. 

 Must be some big fish in that pond. 
Fresh baked cinnamon rolls out of the oven.  So glad she likes to bake.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taco Salad being served for supper. Wish Parla, Dave and Brighton
could have been here.

 Terry and Abe pitching corn hole against... 

 Christian and Rebecca.

Jackie, Melissa and Autumn watch.

Benjamin getting his hair cut.  Looks kind of painful.

 Joyce joined me for a quilt lecture in Roanoke.  We have been  friends since teenagers.

 Kathy shows a quilt she pieced a year ago in my class "Spinning Pinwheels".  I love her bright colors.

I decided to make a miniature quilt for the Virginia Quilt Museum's auction.  I used scrapes from a large quilt and made roughly the same pattern.   First I trimmed down extra diamond blocks from the original quilt.

Not sure if I want to piece something so little.

Sewing funny shaped triangles onto a strip of fabric. And press.

 Trim them into triangles.

Trimmed triangle units.

Piece triangle units in rows.

 Piece the rows into a miniature quilt.  This quilt is called "Over the Sea" made from my large quilt....

..... "Under the Sea"

At Christmas time Parla gave me this flattened bottle.  I think it is such a cute decoration.  It sits in my kitchen window.

Autumn making donuts.  They are so good, especially with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Easter Sunday at Mom and Dads.  The older generation.

The younger generation.

The gals watching the guys playing corn hole.

A. Rosalie's family.

Man talk.

Like daughter like mother.
Brenda - Joy - Kelsey - Pam

I love this picture of Pam and Mom.