Tutorial of Diamond Chains

How to make a diamond chain in a square block.
 From the diamond fabric cut one strip 1 3/4" x width of fabric and from the background fabric cut two strips 2" x width of fabric.  The diamond chain is the center strip and the outside strips are the backgroundSew the diamond fabric between the background fabric. Press toward center.

  Cut five 1 3/4" sections at a 45 degree angle as shown.

Sew sections together to make a diamond chain. 
 Match and pin each seam.

To each end of diamond strip sew a 2" x 3" background.

On each side of the diamond chain trim 1/4" from diamond sides.

Trim each end of the diamond chain 1/4" from the tips of the diamonds.  Trim at a 90 degree angle.

This is a diamond strip that can be placed between
 two triangle units to make a square.

Diamond strip placed between two pieced triangle units. 

This block is used in the quilt "Delightful Diamond Chain" 
that is on the front of my book Star Struck Quilts.


  1. Thanks for coming to Needlechasers today, bringing your beautiful quilts and telling us about your family and life in the Shenandoah Valley. Your diamond chains are very pretty and I am inspired to try your technique, adding them to some improv triangle blocks.

  2. I am working on making the Midnight Star quilt from the Star Struck quilt book. But I have encountered a pattern error. The instructions say to cut from Darkest to Lightest Red 4 strips, 6 strips, 10 and 12 (i believe). Thus making the darkest color B. But that should be reversed. The lightest color should be B and only have 4 strips cut out of it.
    Also it calls for the strips of gray that make up the center star and the diamonds that make up the side stars to be the same gray, which clearly isn't the case in the example picture. You need two shades of gray, not one. Please let me know if I am completely wrong.
    Thanks, Laura

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